Bob Berrisford Poker Trophy

Bob berrisford, joined Trafford Amateur Poker Players on 20th September 2013 and has been a regular player at the TAPP until the end of season 2017.

Sadly Bob passed away on 9th January 2018.
Bob was an extremely popular person and player, his poker play was sometimes described as loose,
a calling machine,
a flush chaser,
a straight chaser
and an aggressive bluffer.

We have donated a trophy,
in his memory.

What his poker friends have to say.

Alex McLaggan

Bob one of the jokers in the TAPP poker deck. Bob's play was always shall we say "loose" but he did have standards.
On one memorable occasion he mucked his hand turned to me and said "Q6 - that's one of the two hands I never play". To which came the reply "What's the other - 6Q?".
Well today Bob you're going All-In with a winning hand and your poker friends are winners for having known you.

Fran Malan.

The first hand I played with Bob I had kings I think, I raised pre flop Bob calls I can't remember the flop but 2 spades came down I went all in Bob snap calls! I said have you got trips, to which he said no I have a flush!! I said you can't as there are only 2 spades he said " I know but the other one is coming! " Guess What? He was right!! RIP Bob you will be missed.

Bill Philpott

Farewell Bobster, a lovely chap and certainly a card amongst us all who will be missed for his, shall we say, Random hands he played.

Matthew Philpott

If there’s one thing we all learned from Bob’s days at the poker - it was to always overbet the river whether you had it or not!!

Alli Keatley

Dad, you have been a good teacher. Our joint love of poker brought us close and I'm honoured to continue the Berrisford poker antics!
With uncle Jim's help we will keep your name alive. Love always...

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