TAPP League Format

The league will consist of twelve games, plus one freeroll game, to be held after the final league game in December.

8000 chips starting stack, plus 2000 chips for players registered and being on the premises
at the start of the game, 13:15hrs.

Late registration available until end of the first break, approximately 14:45hrs, 8000 chips.

The league will be a points system, one point per position achieved in each game.

ie, 20 players, the first player out will receive 1 point, the winner will receive 20 points.

Points will accumulate over 12 games.

A buy in of £10.00 plus a fee of £3.00

We will donate 0.50p per player towards the freeroll

We will donate £1.00 per player, into the league fund, for the top three positions

The winner of the league will receive a winners trophy, to keep.

The winner of the league will receive the Bob Berrisford trophy, to hold for twelve months.

The winner, 2nd place and 3rd place will receive a payout of 50% 30% and 20% of the league fund.

There will be a payout on the day of £10.00 times the number of players less £15.00.

The £15.00 will be placed into the freeroll fund.

A maximum of £250 per game, Usually paying four/five players.

There will be a Freeroll game at the end of the season.

To qualify for the freeroll a player must play a minimum of four games during the season.

Should a player need to leave early during the game, please do not

Dump your chips.

Please inform the TD and your chips will be removed from the table.

Membership of the club:-- £15.00 per person, £7.50 for OAPs

Membership of the club not required.

Please note! There are no refreshments provided, please organise your own.